What’s in it for me? Learn about our complicated history with food.

Something is clearly wrong with our eating habits. Today, diet-related diseases plague the Western world. More people suffer from type 2 diabetes, obesity and food allergies, not to mention many forms of cancer, than ever before.

But what exactly is wrong with how we’re eating – and what should we be doing instead? The diets of our ancestors provide a few answers. They were generally much healthier than modern-day humans, so it’s no wonder that the last decade has witnessed a major uptick in caveman or paleo diets.

But to get a full picture we have to go back even further in time – starting with our earliest, tree-dwelling ancestors 100 million years ago and exploring how these forebears adapted to changing environments and diets. These blinks discuss whether the dietary choices of these distant progenitors would work for us today.

On this journey through human evolution, you’ll learn

  • why we should eat some bugs every now and then;
  • about a strange illness that affected mainly the well-off; and
  • why milk isn’t nearly as healthy as you may think.