What’s in it for me? A window onto the world’s next decade.

What does the future hold? In these uncertain, turbulent times, it’s a more pressing question than ever before.

Arriving at a single, certain answer is, of course, impossible – but we can make informed predictions. Which is where these blinks come in. Extrapolating from a range of current trends, they offer a possible preview of the changes we can expect to see in the coming decade, and paint a picture of the kind of world we’re likely to live in come 2030.

So, what is life like in 2030? In a word: different. Over the next ten years, rising temperatures will threaten our predominantly urban, coastal way of life. A low birth rate combined with higher life expectancy will make baby boomers into a power-house demographic. And some national economies will stagnate while others will unexpectedly thrive.

To anticipate the challenges and embrace the opportunities the next decade will bring, you’ll need to be informed about what the future holds. 

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • which new technologies are offering hope in the fight against climate change and poverty;
  • why women can expect more financial gains than men in the next ten years; and
  • how our society is about to pivot to a collaborative mode of consumption.