What’s in it for me? The healthy body you’ve always desired.

How healthy do you think you are? Very? Well, perhaps you don’t run a marathon every few months. But you’re probably healthy enough, which is the category that most people find themselves in. You might not be a dedicated athlete, but you move around enough to stay in shape.

And that might be just fine for you. But did you know that with just a few changes, you could easily become a very fit person, able to take on challenges you never before thought you could achieve? These blinks showcase the highlights of the author’s 30 easy ways to become a fitter, stronger, healthier person.

In these blinks, you’ll also discover

  • how a microwave can help get you moving;
  • why no exercise regimen is as important as a good night’s sleep; and
  • why you need to be wary of electrical pollution.