What’s in it for me? Make a habit of success.

We all know a great business when we see one, whether it’s a thriving neighborhood restaurant or a life-changing new app. We also know when we encounter a mediocre business – it’s the company you interact with once and never return to. 

But what are the great businesses doing that the not-so-great ones aren’t? Aside from making more money and satisfying their customers, what are the habits that successful business leaders adopt to make them better than the competition? 

These blinks will shed light on the small business habits that make a surprisingly big difference. From company vision to staff engagement and customer retention, you’ll discover the routine practices and behavior patterns that separate the world’s highest-performing companies from the rest. What’s more, you’ll learn how you can apply these habits to your own business – with immediate results. 

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • why it’s better to have repeat customers than new customers;
  • how to show your employees that you really care; and
  • what business leaders can learn from kindergarten teachers.