What’s in it for me? Discover the perils of competition.

In 1984, researcher Robert Goldman asked 198 top athletes whether they’d take an undetectable performance-enhancing drug if it would guarantee them a gold medal but kill them within five years. The result? Over half said they would take it.

But it’s not just athletes who fetishize competition. Most of us are obsessed with winning. Somehow we’ve come to think of ourselves in terms of being winners or losers. It matters a lot to us that we have the smartest child, the cutest cat, the best-performing stock portfolio, the most Facebook friends and the most awe-inspiring CV. It’s all about being the best rather than just a part of a team.

As you’ll learn from these blinks, this cultural obsession with winning harms all of us, our kids and even our economy.

You’ll also find out

  • How the Finnish education system avoids competitiveness;
  • why rewards can harm your child’s creativity; and
  • why strenuous workouts in a rubber suit are not a good idea.