What’s in it for me? Get insight into the life that formed a US president.

Today, the person holding the office of US president is viewed as the most important and powerful person on the planet. It’s easy to think of American presidents as elite people, born into well-educated or wealthy families, trained at the premier schools and universities, or gaining influence as captains of industry. Sometimes, however, the story changes.

The man who would become President Carter came from a different place altogether. Jimmy, as people referred to him then, rose out of the soil of the South, prior to the civil rights movement. In these blinks about his life, we will find out how this background shaped his ideas and principles as he climbed through the political ranks to the highest office in the United States.

In these blinks, you’ll discover

  • how coming from one of two white families in his community formed his views on racial inequality;
  • how Hunter S. Thompson helped get Carter on the national scene; and
  • how Carter normalized the United States’ relationship with China.