What’s in it for me? Find out what science can teach us about why and how we love.

Usually, when we talk about love, we don’t talk about it scientifically. Human love is often seen as a mysterious and irreducible phenomenon that exists outside the cold realm of science, and as one that simply won’t yield to its scientific understanding.

Because the subject of love has long been considered the dominion of poets and artists exclusively, we tend to think that scientists have little or nothing to contribute to our understanding of it.

Fortunately, three psychiatrists – Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini and Richard Lannon – don’t believe in this unilateral distinction. In order to address the mystery of love as incisively and comprehensively as possible, they combine their scientific and practical expertise with the rich cultural heritage that artists, poets and philosophers have left for us over the centuries.

In the blinks, you’ll discover:

  • how our brain evolved over time to enable us to feel attachment to others;
  • how our adult relationships are shaped by our childhood experiences;
  • how psychotherapy can help us rewire our brains, enabling us to develop healthy relationships;
  • why self-harm reduces severe emotional pain in certain people; and
  • why it’s essential that we understand the difference between loving and being in love.