What’s in it for me? Discover what the ancient philosophical school of Stoicism has to teach us about living a better life.

Have you ever waited in a line in the grocery store that just doesn’t seem to move at all. Did you start feeling annoyed and frustrated? Did you ask yourself what the other customers could possibly be doing, and why on earth it’s taking such an unreasonably long time. If so, you know how this frustration can drain your energy and put you in a bad mood. But is this all really necessary? What if you could just learn to stay calm and unruffled in situations like this?

In ancient Greece, there were philosophers, later known as Stoics, who argued for a life of moderation and greater self-control in order to achieve peace of mind and avoid frustration and pain. Reaching this goal is no easy task, but, as these blinks will show you, we’re all equipped with the necessary mental faculties to take control of our lives and deal soberly with things that are beyond our control.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • why being stuck in traffic is not so bad;
  • what taking a cold shower has to do with living a more fulfilling life; and
  • how to deal with losing a tennis match.