What’s in it for me? Discover how taking tiny doses of LSD helped one writer tackle her mood disorder.

Lots of people struggle with their moods. Many, like Ayelet Waldman, struggle enough to seek professional help. But after years of trying – and often failing – to find solutions to her irritability, anger, frustration and depression, Waldman turned to an unexpected source: the psychedelic drug, LSD.

Placing two drops on her tongue, Waldman launched herself into an experiment to understand whether taking careful and tiny doses of the drug over just 30 days could help her toward a calmer, more accepting approach to life.

In doing so, she also began an exploration into the misunderstood substance, its history and its potential benefits. Drawing on her former legal career – in which she saw firsthand the impact of the United States’ war on drugs – she reflects on the double standards and absurdities of a nation addicted to prescription drugs but willing to incarcerate millions for possessing a substance with a great safety record.

Ultimately, Waldman was in search of the secret to having a really good day. Read these blinks, and you’ll discover whether she found it.

In these blinks, you’ll discover

  • how microdosing LSD works;
  • why Steve Jobs and Nobel Prize Winners have attributed success to taking LSD; and
  • how psychedelics like LSD can reduce anxiety and generate feelings of happiness, with fewer side effects than many prescription drugs.