What’s in it for me? Learn how you can let God take the wheel.

The musician Lenny Kravitz once said that we “gotta let love rule.” The message that Marianne Williamson has for us is similar. If we let the idea of a pure and all-powerful love, otherwise known as God, guide our life, we’ll experience far more happiness, satisfaction and meaning.

This isn’t a message that applies to any particular religion. All it takes is an understanding of the collective unconscious that Carl Jung and other philosophers have theorized about. These blinks explain why, if you can learn how to give yourself over to a non-denominational higher power, you’ll experience  liberation and joy.

In these blinks, you’ll also discover

  • how the “sea of love” is more than just a classic 1950s tune;
  • how to find your divine mission in life; and
  • how gift giving can help you forgive and move on in life.