What’s in it for me? Make your team a team of leaders.

Anyone whose workweek is a haze of boredom won’t be surprised by this statistic: As much as $550 billion is lost per year in the US thanks to the low productivity of employees.

The sad truth is that many employees feel completely disengaged from their workplace. They don’t feel motivated to do any more than the bare minimum required of them by their bosses.

But if building a successful company is your goal, the bare minimum won’t cut it. You need employees who love and take responsibility for their work, and who seek their own approaches to making the company better – without your having to reward them with bonuses.

In other words, you need a team of leaders. These blinks explain some quick and easy ways to encourage your employees to be more self-sufficient, as well as to stir up new inspiration and ideas at the office.

In these blinks, you’ll discover

  • why your team should constantly be learning new things;
  • how to improve the design of your office; and
  • one way to ensure your whole office is united by good purposes.