What’s in it for me? Learn the secrets of management according to guru Peter Drucker.

Peter Drucker’s ideas are everywhere. For business managers, saying Drucker is important is as obvious as saying humans need oxygen to breathe.

Yet too often, Drucker’s clear, insightful theories on modern business management have been muddied by the jargon-filled gobbledygook of later studies and management books.

A close associate of Drucker, author Joseph Maciariello, has changed all this. A Year With Drucker shines a clarifying light on Drucker’s core ideas on what makes a good business manager.

Drucker’s philosophy explains that managers aren’t just faceless robots, locked up in dreary corporate office parks. Instead, they are like superheroes, capable of incredible feats of intelligence – even able to save the world!

After reading these blinks, you’ll know:

  • why “Druckerisms” are such a big deal in the business world;
  • how business managers by donating their time could cure illiteracy; and
  • which two important concentration skills a manager needs to have.