What’s in it for me? Understand power and use it confidently in any role.

Power is often viewed as mysterious and reserved for people who are either specially gifted or ruthlessly determined. But power exists in all relationships.

Because we depend on each other in different ways, we all have some degree of control over other people’s circumstances. And while we can be self-serving in how we use our power, everyone is better off when our aim is to help others or to achieve a common goal.

From stepping into an unfamiliar role and changing things from the top-down, to choosing between taking up space or being unassuming, these blinks provide guidelines on how to embody a powerful role, just like a seasoned actor taking the stage.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • why it can be valuable to downplay your power;
  • how to secure a seat on a rocket ship; and
  • what power means when you’re at the very top.