What’s in it for me? Learn how to make yourself resilient to failure – by allowing yourself to fail!

Our governments are ineffective and clumsy. Our leaders have inflated egos. The market is a volatile place where ideas appear to sink or swim arbitrarily.

It makes sense, then, that we’re bombarded with strategies on how to save the world, our business or ourselves. In reality, however, solutions to the complex problems of our world cannot be reduced to a simple “How To” guide. As Tim Harford’s best-selling Adapt shows, the most effective way to solve any problem is not by planning – it’s by experimenting.

With these and more insights, Adapt suggests a great many ways to make oneself resilient against the kind of failure that stops you in your tracks.

After reading these blinks, you’ll

  • find out why rules designed to reduce fossil fuel usage actually ended up increasing it;
  • discover why Winston Churchill was wrong about the Spitfire; and
  • find out why one company allows its existing employees to choose the new hire.