What’s in it for me? Transform the way you view your body.

Imagine an uncharted continent – an unexplored land full of mysterious and strange wonders. If you could, would you like to explore this uncharted continent? If you’re already packing your bags and preparing for departure, hold on a minute, because this unknown territory is closer to home than you might think.

In fact, it’s your own body.

And these blinks are your guide. As you travel from one organ to the next, you’ll gain insight into the precise physiology of each, as well as learn about the historical ideas and mythologies that inform how we imagine them.

This tour also involves a little lighthearted competition to discover the organ that’s the most uniquely human. To that end, these blinks explore how each of our organs have contributed to our becoming the singular creatures that we are.

In these blinks, you’ll also find out

  • how to read a corpse’s face for information about that person’s life;
  • how brain surgeons decide which chunks of brain it’s OK to slice out; and
  • why some women ejaculate while others don’t.