What’s in it for me? Learn the benefits of meditation from an experienced psychotherapist.

Life comes with its fair share of stress and anxiety, from money and career worries to relationships and a constant barrage of distractions through which to navigate. So it’s no wonder that many people seek the solace of psychotherapy to help sort through it all and see things more clearly.

The author, Mark Epstein, is a trained and licensed psychotherapist, so he’s quite familiar with the stress points of modern life. But what makes Epstein a bit different is that he’s also a practitioner of meditation and can vouch that the practice can help you in many of the same ways as psychotherapy.

So, not only can meditation help you be more present and less distracted but it can also help you sort through your obsessive thoughts and gain insight into your behaviors and relationship issues – like regular visits to a shrink. But the one big difference is that meditation is free!

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • why it’s important not to overdo mindfulness;
  • how meditation can help you break free from obsessive thoughts; and
  • how meditation helped a woman see her past more clearly.