What’s in it for me? Unlock the secrets of a lost civilization.

For a long time, academic consensus has been that people arrived in America around 13,000 years ago or perhaps a couple of thousand years earlier via an ice-bridge from Asia. But there are a few people on the fringe who think that this view is too narrow-minded. Graham Hancock is one who believes the evidence points to another and – more exciting – conclusion.

In these blinks, we’ll discover Graham Hancock’s belief that human civilization in America is much older and much more fascinating than you had ever imagined. His is a much more dramatic theory of America: a tale of a sophisticated civilization that sailed the oceans many thousands of years ago before being destroyed in an earth-shattering natural disaster.

This reworking of human history will take you on a journey into the deep past, traveling through Ancient Egypt, sailing the banks of the Amazon and exploring Native American monuments.

In these blinks, you’ll learn:

  • how Australasian DNA ended up in Native Americans;
  • what happens when 10 percent of the world is on fire; and
  • how an Egyptian temple tells the tale of a lost American civilization.