What’s in it for me? A look at the emotional side of the economy.

If you ask certain experts, the past few decades have been nothing short of an economic success. When you look at statistics, key indicators – such as GDP – are on the rise while productivity is at an all-time high. Yet, all around the world, people are protesting in the streets. And they are angry.

These blinks examine how the financial world intersects with our emotional well-being to answer the question: Why are people so angry? In doing so, they draw connections between economic policy, populist movements, and the feelings of stress, anger, and uncertainty that most of us experience daily.

In these blinks, you’ll get a passionate primer on how the elite institutions that structure the global economy have mismanaged their responsibilities. You’ll also get a deep dive into the various types of anger and emotional fallout that this failure exacerbates. But don’t lose hope! We’ll end with some policy ideas that could curtail our current crisis.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • why new neighbors shouldn’t be scary;
  • how the economy is like a computer; and
  • what low interest rates can do for equality.