What’s in it for me? Witness what happens when illness and sexism collide.

Contracting a chronic illness is something many of us fear. But what if you did become seriously sick, only to find that no one believed you? This is the nightmare scenario 19-year-old Abby Norman faced when she awoke in terrible pain one day. 

In these blinks, you’ll learn about Norman’s fight to get the medical profession to take her and her pain seriously. Delving into the history of women’s health, you’ll discover the shocking truth: that female suffering is often trivialized and ignored. By chronicling her harrowing struggle with endometriosis, Norman lifts the lid on the experiences of millions of women around the world and shines a light on those experiences of disability, shame and chronic pain. Part intimate memoir and part exposé of medical sexism, these blinks explore one young woman’s fight against the gendered inequality of the healthcare industry. 

In these blinks you’ll learn

  • the disappointing way doctors treat women in pain; 
  • what it feels like to live with debilitating endometriosis; and 
  • the reason why Abby Norman established an online forum for women’s health.