What’s in it for me? Learn how attachment affects a child’s psychological development.

Theories about parenting and childhood development have always been controversial, especially in recent decades as the field of developmental psychology has grown rapidly. With so much information available, some of which is contradictory, it’s difficult to know which findings to trust.

These blinks depict childhood attachment from a psychological point of view. They provide insights from top psychologists in the field and explain some of the most important studies done on childhood attachment. You’ll learn how children’s first relationship with their primary caregiver has a profound impact on their development. These insights might help you provide a healthier environment for your own children or understand your own childhood experience.

You’ll also learn

  • about the controversy of day care and how it’s not always harmful;
  • how our relationship to our own parents influences our relationship to our children;
  • how separation from parents for only a few days can negatively affect a child; and
  • how to classify different types of parent-child attachment styles.