What’s in it for me? Dive into the fascinating, pivotal life of a true American hero.

Certain people throughout history have been pivotal in transforming their fields of expertise. Henry Ford revolutionized industry; Albert Einstein opened up new realms of physics; Ted Turner helped create modern media.

And yet there are relatively few individuals who have approached and transformed so many different disciplines and fields of study as did the American legend, Benjamin Franklin.

Over his long, illustrious career, Franklin dazzled the science world with his early discoveries regarding the nature of electricity; he was an early pioneer in the American printing industry; and what’s more, he was one of the main people responsible for setting the political foundations of the United States.

These blinks walk you through this man’s amazing life, from his early days as a sharp yet rambunctious child to his gradual evolution into America’s most influential diplomat. If you dream of making an impact in the world, there is much you can learn from such an inspiring figure.

In these blinks, you’ll discover

  • why wearing a “leather apron” showed you were a savvy colonial thinker;
  • the famous story of Franklin and a kite; and
  • who exactly was the sharp-tongued letter writer, Mrs. Silence Dogood.

This is a Blinkist staff pick

“I learned a lot from these blinks, not only about the fascinating life of the multi-talented Franklin, but about the struggle for independence and the founding of the United States.”

– Erik, Editorial Production Manager at Blinkist