What’s in it for me? Improve your sex life through mindfulness.

There are many cultural myths about sex: it’s easy, and any difficulties with it are indicative of bigger problems; your desire for sex will decrease with age; everyone else is having a great time in the bedroom.

But the reality is that it’s normal, even common, to experience sexual difficulties. Maybe you find that you get distracted during sex, and then can’t get back in the moment. Or perhaps you suffer from serious pain when touched sexually. Or maybe you feel that your sex life is decent, but it could be better.

Whatever your concerns, these blinks will reassure you that they’re normal, and you’re not alone.  What’s more, they’ll show you a path beyond these concerns.

Mindfulness is the art of paying attention to what is happening in the moment, both in mind and in body, without passing judgment or casting blame. These blinks demonstrate how mindfulness meditation can bring a new appreciation of sex; counteract the depression, stress and anxiety that so often prompt unsatisfying sex; and even help manage sexual pain.

You’ll also discover

  • why the brain is our most powerful sexual organ;
  • what eating a raisin can teach us about sex; and
  • what the stress of modern life is doing to sexual enjoyment.