What’s in it for me? Valuable lessons without the price tag.

Financial mistakes: we all make them. From overdue library fees to parking fines, our financial mishaps can be frustrating – but they rarely cost us hundreds of millions of dollars.

And as it turns out, even the world’s most eminent investors miscalculate and end up deep in the red. Whether it’s overconfidence or an underperforming economy, it turns out the people we hold to be financial wizards are still just people too.

Here, Michael Batnick takes a select few investors and runs us through their worst investments. What’s more, he shows that we’re in a privileged position – by learning from the best’s mistakes, we receive the benefit of their hard-won wisdom without the cost of heavy losses.

In the following blinks, you’ll learn

  • the name of the most influential book ever written on investment;
  • how Warren Buffett lost over $400 million; and
  • why Mark Twain should have stuck to writing.