What’s in it for me? Learn the secrets of companies that have achieved massive, rapid business growth.

As 1996 came to a close, industrial age giants were still the most valuable companies in the world: General Electric, Royal Dutch Shell, the Coca-Cola Company, ExxonMobil and a Japanese telecommunications company named Nippon Telegraph and Telephone.

Fast-forward just two decades to the present day, and none of those companies is in the top five anymore. They’ve been replaced by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. In the intervening time, the world economy has come to be dominated by giant tech companies such as these. The 150 most valuable tech companies in Silicon Valley alone are valued at an astounding $3.5 trillion.

Many tech companies have grown from scrappy start-ups to corporate giants in just a few years. Amazon, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Uber, Snapchat, PayPal, LinkedIn, eBay – the list goes on and on. What are the secrets of this phenomenal growth? One of the main ones can be summed up in a single word: blitzscaling.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • what the heck the word “blitzscaling” means;
  • why fortune favors the bold in the modern economy; and
  • how one of the keys to making money is often losing money.