What’s in it for me? Love yourself and others by setting boundaries.

What does a day without boundaries look like?

Maybe this: You wake up before your alarm to make your children’s breakfast. You have a big presentation at work that morning and really need time to prepare, but you still don’t ask your spouse to help with the cooking. At work, the presentation isn’t set up. It’s not your job, but you get all the equipment ready anyway. Then, before you can even begin, your boss has asked you to coordinate the upcoming Christmas party. He would do it himself, he says, but he’s just too busy. Of course, you agree. All this, and it’s not even lunchtime!

Sound familiar? If so, you know how draining a day without boundaries, let alone life without them, can be. That’s why setting boundaries is both a necessary act of self-care and an act of kindness to others. In the blinks that follow, you’ll learn exactly how setting boundaries can work and, through hypothetical case studies, learn how to put them into practice.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • how letting people take advantage of you also hurts them;
  • how to troubleshoot common boundary violations; and
  • why setting boundaries might be the most selfless thing you can do.