What’s in it for me? Get teenage boys’ uncensored perspectives on sex.

Adolescent boys don’t exactly have a reputation for being communicative – especially when it comes to talking about sensitive topics like sex. Nonetheless, over the course of two years, hundreds of adolescent American boys engaged in conversation with award-winning journalist Peggy Orenstein, talking openly about their sex lives. 

Their frank discussions touched on a range of topics, including hookup culture, gender expression, sexual orientation, and the #metoo movement. They also tackled triggering subjects like hardcore pornography and campus sexual assault. The result? A compelling picture of contemporary teen masculinity and sexuality.

These blinks lay out Orenstein’s most salient findings, presenting you with a snapshot of teen male sexuality in the United States. The landscape of sex, sexual culture, and masculinity is rapidly changing. These dispatches from the frontlines of adolescent male sexuality illuminate a rarely mapped portion of that landscape. 

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • how explicit pornography is affecting IRL sexual encounters;
  • what college hookup culture is and how it works; and
  • what teen boys secretly wish their parents would tell them about sex.