What’s in it for me? Learn how the fate of humanity is interwoven with the fate of the environment.

Our environment is in peril. Global warming; the death of pollinators like bees; beach erosion; plants and species going extinct – the list of tragedies and threats goes on. Yet not all these phenomena are new; we can find parallels for the current crisis throughout human history. 

In these highly personal, memoir-like blinks we explore not only how the colonization of the Americas endangered both the continent’s indigenous peoples and indigenous species but also how the wisdom of Native Americans could help us restore our environment.

In theses blinks, you’ll learn

  • what sweetgrass is and how it’s faith is intertwined with the Potawatomi people;
  • that reciprocity is a guiding principle among the Potawatomi people; and
  • how learning to give back could be the salvation of our environment.