What’s in it for me? Learn the science of the teenage brain.

We all know what a terrible time adolescence can be. Everything is in flux and chaos while young adults are also meant to be making their way in the world. Maybe you have more than first-hand experience with being a teenager. Perhaps you have teenage kids yourself, or are a teacher in high school. Either way, you’re certainly all too familiar with the conflicts, the awkwardness, the risky behavior and the sluggishness that comes with this period in life.

For all the clichés about teenagers out there, we rarely stop to consider what neuroscience and psychology has to say about this time in our lives. That’s unfortunate because it’s an important transformational period that shapes us for grown-up life and success.

This is where these blinks come in. They will give you the basics of the science behind the teenage brain. By the time you’ve finished them, you’ll know not just what makes teenagers tick, but also which approaches work best for ensuring that they get the most out of their adult lives.

In these blinks, you’ll learn:

  • what pruning has to do with the teenage brain;
  • why it’s necessary for teenagers to take risks; and
  • why we owe the digital revolution to teenagers.