What’s in it for me? Take the fear out of finance.

Money can be a pretty scary topic when you’re a broke 20-year-old fresh out of college or a thirty-something just trying to get by in a big, expensive city. Paying your bills every month is hard enough, so how on earth are you supposed to find extra cash for an emergency fund, let alone a nest egg large enough to see you through retirement? 

Well, like all kinds of big undertakings in life, the journey from financial zero to financial hero starts with just one step. This can be as small as automatically saving $10 from your paycheck every month or moving your banking online to benefit from a better interest rate. 

In these blinks, we’ll follow personal finance advisor Erin Lowry as she demonstrates how even the most broke millennial can discover financial success. 

You’ll also learn,

  • how to get Freudian about finance;
  • why budgeting isn’t the same for everyone; and 
  • how much you need to save for emergencies.