What’s in it for me? Learn to find peace of mind and see things as they really are.

Say you spend a nice afternoon at the mall, meet some friends, enjoy some delicious ice cream and even treat yourself to the new book, smartphone or piece of clothing you had your eye on – but once back home, you just feel worn out and empty, with all the excitement long gone.

Or maybe you find yourself worrying constantly; even the prospect of missing a train or being late for a payment is enough to cause you a headache. Then there are deeper worries about your children’s safety or your job security.

Many people in Western countries feel discontented, depressed and full of fear. What are we missing? And why are so many celebrities sympathizing with Buddhism? After all, Bill Clinton, Philip Glass, Orlando Bloom and Tina Turner have all professed a penchant for Buddhist thought.

As you’ll discover in these blinks, Buddhism has a lot to offer: it teaches that everything we’re searching for is right in front of our noses. What we are craving is to experience reality, but our innumerable desires, fears and opinions act as a veil separating us from the world as it really is.

Fortunately, you’re not doomed to live a false life; there are practices that will help you live in the moment, deal with painful emotions and find your peace of mind.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • why there’s no such thing as a self;
  • how to channel your best efforts; and
  • what a dripping tap can teach you about mindfulness.