What’s in it for me? Get an in-depth view of some of the most influential economic, financial and business moments of the past century.

After reading these blinks, you’ll understand why Bill Gates claimed that Business Adventures – which he received as a gift from Warren Buffett – was his favorite book of all time.

After all, where else could he have found out what the launch of the world’s ugliest car, a wink from a General Electric company executive, and the fall of the Piggly Wiggly supermarket chain have in common?

These and the other events described in this book represent several major developments in US business history, the repercussions of which can still be felt today. They paved the way for things like the end of insider trading and an employee’s right to work for whomever he or she pleases.

In these twelve exciting and surprising case studies, you’ll find:

  • how Wall Street almost killed off Piggly Wiggly,
  • why shareholder meetings of large companies are usually a complete farce, and
  • how a misinterpreted wink landed some GE executives in court.