What’s in it for me? Ramp up your office chemistry. 

We all have our favorite coworkers, and usually, we have our not-favorite coworkers too. But if someone asks us to articulate why we enjoy working with some people and dread being paired up with others, it can be difficult to explain our reasoning. Often, as in our romantic relationships, it seems that whether or not we click with our boss, our client, or our teammate is simply a matter of chemistry. 

But what if there was something you could do to improve your chemistry with those you work with? Luckily, there is. In fact, there’s nothing vague or mysterious about the rapport we feel – or don’t feel – with our workmates. Business chemistry is rooted in psychology and grounded in our perceptions, preferences, and motivations. 

In the following blinks, you’ll learn about the four distinct working styles that describe our workplace personalities, and discover tips and tricks for getting the best out of each one of your coworkers, whether they’re a Guardian, a Pioneer, a Driver, or an Integrator. Packed with insights into what makes us tick and what makes us thrive, these blinks are a call to action, encouraging us to embrace our differences and work better together. 

In these blinks, you’ll discover

  • the one word you should never say to a Pioneer;
  • how to motivate a Driver; and
  • why Guardians get stressed.