What’s in it for me? Learn how to instill joy in the workplace.

Too many of us wake up in the morning and look ahead to our workday with a sense of dread. When the author, Richard Sheridan, was a manager at a software company, Interface Systems, he dreaded work so much he changed his route to the office. Turning off the highway, he’d drive backroads and head into the countryside before reluctantly arriving at work. He soon realized there simply had to be a better approach to work and leadership.

Sheridan came to dream of leading an organization in which people could find real joy. At Menlo Innovations, the software firm that the author founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he’s achieved his dream. These blinks recount how he leads his business with a focus on joy and optimism.

Sheridan describes how it’s possible to cultivate leadership that ignores fear, hierarchy and bureaucracy, and cares instead about creativity and personal authenticity. In these blinks, you’ll understand how, with the right values, approaches and systems, it’s possible for anyone to do the same.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • what the author’s ten-year-old self taught him about business;
  • why humility is a key leadership quality; and
  • why interview candidates should be encouraged to care for one another.