What’s in it for me? Discover your sexual personality (especially if you’re a woman).

Imagine a genie appears and offers you a deal: you can have all the money you could ever want under the condition that, from now on, your sex life won’t get any better than it already is. Would you accept the deal right away? Or would you have to give it some serious thought?

It may be that you’re not all that satisfied with your sex life just yet. In this case, you’ll benefit greatly from learning to understand your sexuality. And that’s where these blinks come in. Based on scientific research, they will explain how context can enable or impede sexual pleasure. You’ll learn why people differ so much when it comes to sexual desire – and why there’s really no reason to obsess about orgasms (or a lack thereof).

In these blinks, you’ll also find out

  • why male and female genitals aren’t nearly as different as you might think;
  • how the sight of a lion can spoil your sexual escapades (unless you’re a lion yourself); and
  • why ditching your women’s magazines will boost your sex life.