What’s in it for me? Learn the secrets to success of high-risk and conservative investing.

While the stock market goes up and down from year to year, it’s good to know that some of the fundamentals of investment theory have remained consistent for generations.

Although Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits was published in 1956, the advice it offers on investing is just as relevant as it was when Eisenhower was U.S. president.

These blinks lay out the key characteristics of what you should look for when investing in a company, and helps you determine whether you’re a high-risk investor or a conservative one.

Just like a detective, a successful investor does her homework and digs deep to get all the pertinent information before putting her money on the table!

After reading these blinks, you’ll know

  • how to determine if a company stock is overvalued;
  • why stock price doesn’t tell you whether a company is actually any good; and
  • how to conquer doubt and not hesitate when it’s time to buy.