What’s in it for me? Don’t let your breakup leave you broken.

When Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin shared that they were “consciously uncoupling,” the announcement was met with some eye-rolling. It seemed they couldn’t even divorce like mere mortals. But was the collective cynicism really warranted? 

Conscious uncoupling isn’t just another celebrity trend like juice cleanses and jade eggs. It’s an accredited therapeutic method that offers couples a pathway toward a rewarding separation. 

That’s right, a rewarding separation.Breakups don’t need to be acrimonious, unsatisfying, or downright toxic. They can be kind, respectful, and fulfilling. With conscious uncoupling, you and your former partner can honor the love you shared, even as you sever your bonds. 

The way we love is rapidly changing. Not long ago, society banned same-sex marriage, interracial relationships, and even living together before marriage. Today, we’re far more flexible and better off for it. Isn’t it high time we brought the way we separate up-to-date, too? 

In these blinks, you’ll find

  • why happily ever after isn’t the fairy tale it seems;
  • how you can alchemize your hate into joy; and
  • what common breakup mistakes might be holding you back from closure.