What’s in it for me? Take a deep dive into the workings of the mind and explore what it means to be conscious.

When you think about consciousness, you might think about things like self-awareness or the ability to engage in complex thought. Generally speaking, we tend to think of consciousness as it relates to other traits and characteristics that are often associated with human beings. But this may be taking a very limited view of the topic.

In these blinks, we’ll explore two big questions: Is there really any external evidence of human consciousness? And is being conscious an important factor in human behavior? To answer these questions, we’ll follow some logical arguments to reach some conclusions that might surprise you. 

We’ll also look at just how widespread consciousness may or may not be in the universe. Conscious things other than human beings may not experience the same level of complex thought that we do, but does that mean they don’t experience anything at all? 

In these blinks, you’ll find out

  • what kind of communication takes place between trees;
  • what LSD experiences can tell us about consciousness; and
  • what happens when the human brain gets divided in two.