What’s in it for me? Join the creative school revolution.

All children love to learn. It’s simply in their nature. So why do so many children dread school? And does it really have to be this way?

Many of the things kids hate about school today trace back to the very beginning of formal education. As you’ll discover in these blinks, conventional schools were never intended to be places of joyful, creative learning.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative to this traditional approach: creative schools. This term doesn’t describe schools with four instead of two hours of art class wedged between a math assessment and a grammar lesson. Rather it means approaching learning from a completely different perspective – by avoiding strict schedules, guidelines and frequent assessments and trying out new ways of creating the ideal learning environment for each individual pupil. Everyone learns, including the teachers, the parents and the schools themselves.

In these blinks, you’ll also learn

  • how our schools resemble piggeries;
  • what a lone computer in an Indian slum can tell us about education; and
  • how an entire school is run by students.