What’s in it for me? Get a handle on some of the most complicated ideas in the history of Western philosophy.

What is the nature of space and time? Is the world governed by the law of cause and effect – and if so, why? These are just two of the fascinating questions that Kant raises in the Critique of Pure Reason. His answers are thought-provoking, revolutionary, and even downright mind-blowing.

Unfortunately, they’re also buried in 856 pages of some of the most impenetrable prose ever written. Kant himself described it as “dry, obscure, opposed to all ordinary notions, and moreover long-winded.” Even Kant scholars are unsure of how to understand the Critique’s incredibly complicated arguments, and they’ve put forward many competing interpretations.

In light of these facts, these blinks can only present an interpretation of some of Kant’s main ideas, skipping over many technical details. Fortunately, most of these details are of interest only to scholars. For the rest of us, the gist of Kant’s ideas provide more than enough food for thought.

In these blinks, you’ll learn about

  • the surprising nature of space and time;
  • the shocking truth behind the law of causality; and
  • the sobering lesson that reason must learn about its own limitations.