What’s in it for me? Plunder a real-estate professional’s warehouse of wisdom.

To many, real estate appears to be the perfect investment. Even when the financial sector is in turmoil, property prices always seem sure to bounce back, allowing real-estate owners to relax while other investors panic and lose their life savings.

So why doesn’t everyone simply invest in property? Well, as with most things, investing in real estate isn’t as simple as it seems. There are many pitfalls, and it’s as common for a property to represent a financial drain as it is for it to lead to financial gain.

This doesn’t mean that real estate can’t make you wealthy. It most certainly can. However, there are many important things to consider, both before and after you make your first investment – and that’s where these blinks come in. They’ll provide you with a wealth of real-estate wisdom from a property-owning pro who learned all his lessons in the field.

You’ll also find out

  • why you should put your office in the basement;
  • why property owners aren’t passive; and
  • how to make your property feel like home.