What’s in it for me? Get a grip on cryptoassets.

At the time of writing, cryptocurrencies are a hot topic of debate. Some say cryptoassets are the way of the future, and the time to get in is now. Others will tell you they’re a fad, and that investing in Bitcoin is just a fancy way of throwing your money out the window.

So who’s right? Or maybe all this crypto-talk is Greek to you, and you’re still wondering what exactly a cryptoasset is?

Either way, these blinks offer some answers, giving you a short history of Bitcoin and blockchain technology as well as some handy investment tips and cautionary advice. The future of finance is already here; the only question is how long it will take for the world to recognize it.

These are certainly exciting times, but a word to the wise: the landscape of cryptoassets is changing rapidly, so be sure to take the author’s advice and do plenty of research yourself.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • about the mysterious origins of Bitcoin;
  • what to watch for in a white paper; and
  • what makes a wallet “hot.”