What’s in it for me? Venture on a historical journey through the workplace.

Sitting at work, you use your brain to solve problems and think about all sorts of things. But how often do you ponder why it is that so many people spend upwards of eight hours in an office, each day? The thought probably never entered your head.

Don’t fret if how your workplace came to be never crossed your mind. These blinks will enlighten you by exploring how the modern office space developed into its current, cubed form.

The cubicle-packed office is a recent concept that evolved over many historical shifts. From clerks crammed into small and dim spaces in the mid-nineteenth century to carefully designed skyscrapers complete with amenities like barber shops, these blinks will guide you through the history of the office.

In these blinks, you’ll also find out

  • how a man named Taylor tamed office mayhem;
  • how a bomb caused the segregation between office and factory workers; and
  • how the invention of the cubicle arose from a new concept of movement.