What’s in it for me? Get comfortable with being yourself.

Dear Girls (2019) is a reflection on author Ali Wong’s life as an Asian-American woman, and later, a comedian. Addressed to her infant daughters in a series of letters, the book recounts Ali’s wild teen years growing up in San Francisco, her bad experiences with casual sex while living in New York, and the difficulties of parenting.

Rather than being a step-by-step guide to raising two children, Dear Girls is a series of simple life lessons. In these, Ali offers wisdom about how you can be both a mother and a career woman, why traveling and leaving your comfort zone are important, and truly accepting yourself. 

More than that, though, Dear Girls is a strong argument against perfectionism. The author shows us how simply embracing our bodies, personality quirks, and other eccentricities can help us on the road to the life and career that we want.

In these blinks, you’ll find out

  • that it is entirely possible for women to have a family and a career;
  • how getting comfortable with imperfection can free you from self-doubt; and
  • that parenting isn’t a walk in the park but one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have.