What’s in it for me? Learn what diversity can do for your company.

Most people agree that diversity in the workplace is a good thing. The problem, however, is getting there. Corporate bids to improve the representation of minorities by means of quotas often lead to controversy. Worst of all, new appointees end up feeling like they’ve been hired to make up the numbers rather than because of their talents.

So what’s the solution? Well, that’s the question two of Australia’s top entrepreneurs and diversity champions set out to to answer in these blinks. The best place to start, Nicky Howe and Alicia Curtis argue, is to redefine the term itself. What really matters aren’t visible differences between people but their unique perspectives on the world – call it “diversity of thought.”

And creating a corporate culture that’s committed to fostering open-ended, inclusive dialogue is something that begins long before applicants’ résumés land in your inbox. The key is to change the way you think and behave in the boardroom. Luckily, there’s a wealth of cognitive tools out there to help you do just that. So read on to learn how to start making your company more diverse!

Along the way, you’ll learn

  • why diversity is so important in today’s world;
  • how our biases prevent companies becoming more inclusive; and
  • why “groupthink” is responsible for poor decision-making in the boardroom.