What’s in it for me? Find out how sex and love work.

You know that confusing feeling when you’re deeply in love, and everything your beloved says and does makes you laugh or swoon with joy? Or when things take a turn, and all of sudden everything about your loved one just irritates you? Or how, after a while, sometimes you just couldn’t care less about anything they do anymore?

Love and sexual attraction are a constant roller coaster and one of the most exciting rides in the human experience. Unlike other animals, whose rules and behaviors for sex and bonding seem to be stable and almost ritualized, when it comes to human beings, you never know what’s going to happen next. But at least we can try to understand the mechanisms behind the chaos.  That’s where these blinks come in.

In these blinks, you will learn

  • what the neurotransmitter dopamine has to do with love;
  • what humans have in common with prairie voles; and
  • why sweaty armpits might be your best bet for finally attracting your crush.