What’s in it for me? Glean insights from modern philosophy that will help you refine your thinking and sharpen your tongue. 

Since the advent of the scientific method in the sixteenth century, the sciences have revolutionized our world. With unprecedented speed and leaving one world-changing discovery after another in their wake, the sciences have grown into what they are today – the empirical study of nearly everything. The success of the sciences has led many people to conclude that they have superseded philosophy as a mode of inquiry. 

But the idea that philosophy has become irrelevant is a myth founded on obsolete ideas about what philosophers do and reflects a lack of awareness about what goes on inside philosophy departments around the world. 

These blinks will give you a better understanding of what philosophy is and why it’s still important today. Along the way, you’ll learn many tricks of the trade that will help you to become a clearer thinker and a more persuasive speaker.

In these blinks, you’ll learn

  • what zombies can teach us about the human mind;
  • how medieval philosophers turned debate into a game of chess; and
  • how philosophers contributed to the development of the modern computer.