What’s in it for me? Discover some of the reasons why humans stink at managing their cash.

Money. We can’t live without it yet can’t seem to get any of it into our savings accounts either. Don’t worry, this isn’t a unique problem – there are many reasons why people are lousy at spending money wisely and putting it away for the future.

As you’ll learn in the blinks ahead, the reason most of us struggle with money boils down to fundamental human characteristics that are difficult to avoid and the unusual concept of money itself.

So don’t be too hard on yourself if you have the habit of making irrational decisions when it comes to money. We’re often driven by emotions rather than common sense, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make an effort to understand our flaws and take measures to combat them.

In these blinks you’ll find out

  • how being less misleading about their prices was a bad idea for JCPenney;
  • the difference between mental and emotional accounting; and
  • what a Ulysses contract is and how it can help you save money.