What’s in it for me? Learn some key lessons about working together while having a little fun.

Ah, the dream team. It’s something every company, athletics club or theater group longs for. But far too often it seems an impossibility. And let’s not kid ourselves, working together with others can sometimes be pretty terrible. There is surely no more fear-inducing phrase in the English language than “team building exercises”. But there’s a reason why they exist.

We all know that there’s much to be appreciated in a strong team. When something’s done well, we all benefit. But there’s no need to see the dream team as an elusive thing. There are some simple rules that can be applied to ensure that your team will be at its best.

Shane Snow’s a great guide for this. His examples aren’t just dry recollections of company politics. Instead, he draws lessons from across the gamut of human history. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a great way to help those key rules stick in your head.

In these blinks, then, we’ll take a closer look at the elements that make up a dream team and give you the ideas, concepts, and encouragement so you can go out and create one of your own.

In this pack you’ll learn:

  • which hip hop group you should aspire to be;
  • how the Wright Brothers liked to settle arguments; and
  • some basics of modern art appreciation.