What’s in it for me? Learn how to be happier at work. 

Eat, sleep, work, repeat. For many of us, that sounds like an all too accurate description of our day-to-day lives. Of course, it’s a bit of an exaggeration. Even those of us who work more than 40 hours per week still manage to do other things with our limited free time. 

But still, it captures the main thrust of the cycle many of us feel trapped in. And in some ways, it’s even an understatement. Many of us skip our lunch breaks, burn the midnight oil, and wake up at the crack of dawn for our jobs. Forget about “eat” and “sleep” – it’s mostly just “work, repeat.” 

Even worse, the work itself often feels stressful, draining, and devoid of meaning. It all adds up to a recipe for a profoundly unhappy, unfulfilling work-life. What’s gone wrong? And what can we do about it? Those are the questions we’re about to explore. 

In these blinks, you’ll learn 

  • what a rock band can teach us about stress; 
  • why you might be suffering from Hurry Sickness; and 
  • how to disconnect from distractions by entering monk mode.