What’s in it for me? Discover the real reason why companies are exploring sustainable practices.

In your local supermarket, take a look at the section for cleaning products. It’s a fair bet that you’ll notice row upon row of “eco” products, with green labels that tout the company’s “sustainable” credentials.

From fast food to furniture, companies in every industry are trying to show the market that their practices are eco-friendly and if you buy their products, you’re doing your part to save the world.

But this is far from the truth. As these blinks show, corporate sustainability practices today are mostly designed to increase profits and market share. Once you’ve discovered the secrets of corporate environmentalism, you may never look at another “green” product the same again.

In these blinks, you’ll discover

  • why Greenpeace and Coca-Cola share a common cause;
  • how a company can track a single banana from Peru to your breakfast plate; and
  • why a soft-drink company is more powerful than the United Nations.